People Helping People in Hernando County

As President of People Helping People (PHP), I want to thank you for checking out our website. Please feel free to click on all the tabs, as there is a lot of information about our nonprofit within the site. If you discover something incorrect or missing, please let us know.  We are especially proud to be an all volunteer organization with no paid employees.  If you are familiar with a volunteer who needs recognition, please let us know as we hope to continually update information about those who make our organization what it is!  Keep checking back as we continue our mission of taking a bite out of hunger in Hernando County.  Doug Brainard

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Send a check to:

People Helping People in Hernando County
P.O. Box 6182
Spring Hill, FL 34611

Construction Project

The Community Resource Center is now just an empty building. PHP plans to begin construction as soon as enough funding is received through generous donors and grants.  Please help us continue to take a bite out of hunger in Hernando County. 


You can make a difference in Hernando County for a hungry child or impoverished senior by donating to People Helping People.  Our four programs are directed to help:

1. poor families

2. low income children

3. needy seniors

4. homeless individuals.

PHP's Newsletter

PHP just launched a newsletter with plans to publish monthly.  If you'd like to be on our mailing list, just fill out the online request below.


PHP Business Line

(352) 686-4466

Hunger Helpline

(352) 405-1115