People Helping People in Hernando County

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Send a check to:

People Helping People in Hernando County
P.O. Box 6182
Spring Hill, FL 34611


PHP Business Line

(352) 686-4466

Hunger Helpline

(352) 405-1115

Support PHP

Donations made in 2017, prior to April 1, will be doubled by an anonymous donor. Funds will be used to complete our Kass Circle building and to fund our on-going programs.


Construction Project

The Community Resource Center is now just an empty building. PHP plans to begin construction as soon as enough funding is received through generous donors and grants.  Please help us continue to take a bite out of hunger in Hernando County. 

Upcoming Events

March 11- Lake House

Contestant Registration   Yes, I want to register to be one of the contestants on March 11 at the Chili Cook-Off:

$25 Cook-Off Registration 

Feb 11- Weeki Wachee

Contact me about purchasing tickets for the duck derby: